MNC mailing list

MNC mailing list

The number of users of Micro/Nano-machining reserch and education center are more than 400 and increasing. The equipments in MNC are for common use and the users could operate them yourself.

We manage MNC mailing list to provide various information for MNC users.

What kind of information are provided?

  • ・Information of equipment malfunction and maintenance.
  • ・Information of changing how to use equipment and facility.
  • ・General information the users should know.
  • ・Seminor and event information related to MNC etc.

  • The number of mails are about 10 per day at most.

    What kind of person should join MNC mailing list?

    Basically,All registrants need to join. Project leader should keep lab member inform about important information.

    How to register/leave?

    Your e-mail address is added to mailing list when you register with MNC. You also could register only with the mailing list. Please let us know your name and department.